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They are very happy with their experiences

I’ve always been a tech nerd. I was fortunate enough to start a successful company at 21, and The MENT has been a great way to give back and help others do the same.

I joined The MENT to help find an opportunity in UX Design. I not only found a job, but I found a Mentor and a lifelong friend. I tell everyone I know about The MENT. This is experience has been invaluable.

I found a wonderful mentor on The MENT. He’s been incredibly responsive and is always there to help me whether it’s asking a quick question, or helping me prepare for a pitch competition.

What is The MENT?'

Our MENTorship community and programs help to build the “crenshaw” to “corporate” pipeline by providing career guidance, networking and internship opportunities for underrepresented students pursuing STEM elated career fields. Anyone can participate in the community by posting advice, job and career opportunities, networking events and opportunities, scholarships, and articles of interest.

Our community also facilitates MENTorship and support networks, as well as career development opportunities for minorities currently occupying professional roles in science, technology, engineering and math by partnering entry and junior level professionals with mid to senior level professionals and retirees who have a strong interest and desire to serve as a trusted advisor to any number of mentees; helping the mentee to define, develop and attain career goals and milestones, and serve as an ongoing go-to resource for feedback, counsel and as needed support.
At times, it can be a challenge for minority professionals to successfully and comfortably navigate the corporate and/or startup workplace. The inherent challenge of being unique in a corporate environment often leaves minority professionals without an example to model or a resource to turn to when in question or crisis in a workplace setting.
As an example, a ‘matter of fact’ email authored by a black woman, may be filtered by certain overtones and biases held by the recipient pertaining to black women as overly aggressive and emotional, resulting in workplace conflict and productivity roadblocks. That same email, authored by a white male, may be received with reverence and authority ultimately leading to a positive outcome. Instances like these are far too common in the workplace, thereby making it critical for underrepresented professionals to seek advice from those who can relate to and advise from a unique paradigm.
Our MENTors have anywhere from 10 years to decades of experiences carefully navigating these common workplace conversations and situations, and are dedicated to helping those behind them succeed. Whether you are a student, entry-level, mid-level, or experienced professional, there is a space for you here at The MENT Collaborative.
To success on the journey. The Marathon Continues.

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